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The Emerald Ash Borer – Nasty Little Bugger

Adult Emerald Ash borer - courtesy forestry.about.com

I attended a meeting last night presented by a gentleman from Trees Forever about the imminent destruction of the ash trees coming to our area soon. He had all sorts of information that he shared with the city council members and other folks concerned about their trees. I’m one of them as four ash trees shade the front of my house, and my next door neighbor has four of them, also.

I try to imagine how the wooded hills of the the area I live in, the Driftless Area, would look with about 25% of it’s trees dying off because of this tiny bug. It would not be a pretty view for sure, even if ash trees don’t provide fiery fall colors. Granted, other trees would shoot up through the open canopy to take their place, but then there goes species diversity. And it’s the truth that about one quarter of the woods in my area are comprised of different species of ash trees. In the towns and cities, that number is a for sure thing.

It is amazing to see the money value that folks dealing with trees put on them. They have the figures for every use for trees, from lumber, to home energy savings for homes with trees versus those without them, to how much money they save community storm water systems. And most people just value them for their shade on a hot day, or look at them as firewood.

Well, the ash trees in the eastern United States look to be in trouble. Here are a couple of  links if you’re interested :

Emerald Ash Borer.info

Iowa State University Extension

We also have a threat heading to other trees here in little ole Iowa from the west! When I get more information on that, I’ll pass it along. It’s even scarier as far as economic values go.


As a side note, I was able to squeeze in a 2.7 mile walk just as it was getting dark tonight. You would have melted at the sunset…I’m sad to say I didn’t have my camera along as this walk was to be a “fitness” walk rather than a “stop and smell the roses” walk. And the winds were from the west, rattling the dry leaves of the cornstalks and the poplars along the road. I strained to smell the ocean upon the breeze, but alas, the mountains and plains had got in the way.

I am so thankful that I can take the simplest walk and feel life changing through it. Am I the only one?

Take care!


Now Why Would My Wife Order This?

Seems my wife is interested in visiting Wales, also. If you run into this post, John, it looks like it may happen in the not-too-distant future! A year or two warning, my friend! Gotta get a bigger penny jar…

P.S. For those who do the social networking thing, and also read this post, I have created a page for this blog on Facebook. I am no longer maintaining a personal page there – just this site. Same goes for Twitter. There are buttons in the left column if you would like to click them and follow that way. But don’t expect my drunken ramblings on them anymore. I’ve embarrassed myself enough…They are for the blog only now.

Take care! Gotta check out some Welsh trails –


Sharing The Winds With A Good Dog

Sharing the winds and waters, generated eons and hours ago, with a good dog…seems right. And meant to be –

Until the next time, take care –


What This Is About

Knowing IT is out there…

Ripened wild grapes

I don’t need to know all there is to know about any aspect of nature or anything at all, really. I just need to know that a certain spirit can be felt while walking or sitting in the infinite winds.

Walnuts hanging on longer than the leaves

THAT is what I need. THAT is what this is all about.

The dwindling mid-September understory


Take care –