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Now Why Would My Wife Order This?

Seems my wife is interested in visiting Wales, also. If you run into this post, John, it looks like it may happen in the not-too-distant future! A year or two warning, my friend! Gotta get a bigger penny jar…

P.S. For those who do the social networking thing, and also read this post, I have created a page for this blog on Facebook. I am no longer maintaining a personal page there – just this site. Same goes for Twitter. There are buttons in the left column if you would like to click them and follow that way. But don’t expect my drunken ramblings on them anymore. I’ve embarrassed myself enough…They are for the blog only now.

Take care! Gotta check out some Welsh trails –



2 Responses

  1. Welsh trails….I have fantasies of trekking through the moors. Perhaps I need to get a penny jar too…

  2. I’m a little scared to look at even the price of a round trip ticket. Egads…

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